Life At Kabale Trinity College

Culture & Heritage

As the saying goes , "A man without a culture is like a bird without wings" , We ensure that our children are groomed basing on the true African culture. This is emphasised by allowing every student to exercise his/her culture in form of music, dance, drama and dress code at certain events held in the school.

Scouts Club

This club is composed of both girls and boys of the school. It has helped in imparting morals and life skills into the students and is always at the top of the district.

The Netball Team

It doesn't go without mentioning that Kabale Trinity College are the reigning district and regional champions in Netball. Kabale Trinity College have since been winners for the last 10 years at District and Regional level

The BasketBall Team

When you talk about basketball in the district and the region, there's absolutely no way you can go without mentioning the Katrico basketball team. It has moved places and competed at the highest level possible as far as basketball contests are concerned

Officiating S.1 and S.5 pass-out Parade

While at Kabale Trinity, it so happens that every new student undertakes parade instructions and exercises. This enforces discipline and physical fitness. Brass band performance air symphony wind orchestra. Katrico brass band the pioneer band in kabale. The band has played on different functions and for important personalities in Uganda including the president of Uganda. It has been an outstanding brasss band in kigezi region.