About Kabale Trinity College - Katrico

Kabale Trinity College was registered in 1995 and licenced in same year and registered with the ministry of Education and sports in 1997.

The school humbly started in a rented building of Mr, Thomas Rwomushana at Plot 12 Nkunda road, Kabale municipality with a handful of students, who were mostly school drop outs from other schools, the only sober group of students were senior one who had just completed primary seven.

As the management of the school we knew that there was no point of strength to show the public, but as the school vision to have school run basing on Christian values ,we strictly did so God being our helper.

By 1997, Kabale community realized that Kabale trinity college was a school with a difference and brought more students, the number of students became too big for the building and w started looking around for new premises.

In 1998, Kabale Trinity College transferred to Kigezi African whole sale building plot 6 Kiroma road along Kabale- Katuna road; the place was bigger and this helped the school to obtain a UNEB examination centre (U1017). More students joined the school and the academic standards improved greatly.

As more students joined the school, the building became smaller and we decided to rent more building from Mr. Kaka Matama in front of the school and the school because an academic giant in the district beating most of the well-established schools in academic, sports, smartness and discipline.

Kabale Trinity gets a new Location (Canaan Campus)

In 2002, Kabale Trinity College acquired land (Plot 3, Ndorwa by-pass) at Kamukira Cell, Kirigime ward Southern Division Kabale Municipality. The school is currently located at a distance of 1.5 km from Kabale town center.

Kabale Trinity being a Christian founded school, upon acquiring a new campus, the original name of Jonathan campus (rented premises) which accommodates the boys dormitories changed to Canaan campus (the promised official campus) where all classes are held currently and also accommodates the girls' dormitories.

History/Background of the School

The founder "Joab Tumwebarize Muhwezi" had prayed and promised God that, if he bought land where to build a permanent home for Kabale Trinity College, he would build a Chapel as the first building on that land having classrooms surrounding it, signifying God at the center of everything in the school.

After buying the land in 2002, Mr. Terry Boone, a member of the Gideons International visited the school to distribute Bibles to students, it so happened that he arrived at Lunch time when the born-again Christian students were holding a lunch time fellowship in one of the classrooms. He saw something good that he had never seen in any other school that students opt to go for a fellowship rather than going for lunch food. He inquired as to whether he would do something to help those Christian students and the Director told him that there was need for a Chapel where students would go for their prayers and fellowships uninterrupted.

Mr. Terry Boone later contacted his home church (Brethren Community Fellowship) to assist the school by funding the chapel construction. This proposal was received and blessed by the church council and three members of the church (John Gish, Derrie Kinzie and Denis Hyatt) were sent to see Kabale Trinity College and see the need for the chapel. They visited the school and made their report on return back to California.

The church council approved the project of the construction of the chapel and sent Usd $20,000 to help the school construct a chapel. Different teams from the church came and participated in the construction of the chapel up to its completion in from 2002 up to 2004. And this was the first building on the new site (canaan campus).

This chapel was named in memory of Pastor. Edward N. Gish, the senior pastor who gave a go ahead of the chapel project but died before it was completed. May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

Today, this chapel is surrounded by other buildings, "a dream come true" and all school activities of the day start from this chapel with praise, worship and prayer. The Christian values are held high in this school and God's name is glorified.